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Lean characteristics of the introduction

Lean characteristics of the introduction

Lean characteristics of the introduction

    1, Simplicity: The lean tube uses the simplest, easy-to-understand concept of industrial production. It does not have to consider too much precise data and structural rules, except for the load side, with lean-tube assemblies. Production line workers are based on their own position to design and manufacture of bar products.

2, Flexible: Through the simple design, the production of lean material handling system has good flexibility, it allows you to design, build and adjust according to your own special needs.

3, flexible: Due to the diversification of modern products, the need to constantly change the logistics station equipment, and constantly adjusted in the production process. Building blocks can be built into almost all types of components, light station equipment. Change is inevitable, and the standard components of Bar products make it easy for you to adapt to changing processes in the field.

4, in line with the JIT production methods: Lean tube of the standard components to make your changes become very easy to adapt to the changing scene of the process.

5, to improve the working environment: In addition to reduce the time required to pick and place parts and tools and the necessary movement, but also can help you reduce the risk of injuries in the workplace, because the main components of lean pipe wrapped in plastic.

6, Scalability: Through the needs of different products, we can design new accessories that can be matched with the original lean rack, and increase the use of different production methods or different work stations.

7, reusable: Lean pipe and accessories are recyclable, when the life cycle of a product or process ends, by changing the product structure, with the original parts reassembly to meet the new requirements.

8, in line with ergonomics: Due to the simple adjustable lean tube assembly of the appliance, you can easily adjust the take-off and take-up height of bar products appliances, so that each operator in the best working position.

9, continuous improvement: to lead the majority of staff innovation and innovation awareness, the best result is to make products and processes continue to improve. This is consistent with the notion that many companies encourage employee innovation.

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