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Lean manufacturing management methods

Lean manufacturing management methods

(1) Pull-on-time production (JIT) assembly line manufacturers

To end-user needs for the production of the starting point, emphasizing the logistics balance, the pursuit of zero inventory, processing requirements of a finished part can immediately enter the next process. Organizational production runs according to Kanban, which conveys the demand information between kiosks (the kanban is not limited in form, the key is to be able to transmit information). The beats in production can be manually intervened and controlled to ensure the logistics balance in production (for each process, that is, to ensure the timeliness of the supply of after-process).

Due to the adoption of pull-type production, the planning and scheduling in production are essentially completed by each production unit, and the centralized planning is not adopted formally. However, the coordination among the production units during the operation is extremely necessary.

(2) Total quality management

Emphasize that quality is produced rather than tested, and process quality assurance is used to ensure the final quality. Quality inspection and control in the production process are carried out in every process. Focus on training each employee's quality awareness, to ensure timely detection of quality problems. If found in the production process of quality problems, depending on the circumstances, you can immediately stop production until the problem is solved, so as to ensure that no invalid processing of non-conforming goods.

For the quality problems that occur, it is generally a matter of organizing the relevant technical and production personnel as a team to collaborate and resolve as soon as possible.

(3) Teamwork (Teamwork)

Every employee at work is not only an executive order. More importantly, it actively participates in the role of decision making and decision support. The principle of organizing a team is not completely divided by the administrative organization, but is mainly divided according to the business relationship. Team members emphasize more than one skill, require more familiar with the work of other staff within the team to ensure the smooth coordination of work. The evaluation of team work performance is influenced by the team's internal evaluation. The basic atmosphere of team work is trust, which is dominated by a long-term supervision and control. It avoids checking every step of work and improves work efficiency. Team organization is changing, different things for different groups to establish different, the same person may belong to different teams.

(4) Concurrent Engineering

During the design and development of a product, conceptual design, structural design, process design, final requirements, etc. are combined to ensure the quickest completion of the required quality. The work is done by the project team involved. Process team members arrange their own work, but they can regularly or at any time feedback information and coordination of emerging issues, according to the appropriate information systems tools, feedback and coordination of the entire project. The use of modern CIM technology in the product development and development period, supporting the parallel process of the project.

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