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Assembly line different and pipeline form

Assembly line different and pipeline form

Assembly line assembly line and the different forms of assembly line manufacturers

It is usually assumed that the assembly line beats at a fixed time, and that all workstations are processed in roughly the same amount of time. Different types of assembly, there are great differences, mainly reflected in:

1. Assembly line material handling equipment (belt or conveyor, crane) transmission line manufacturers

2. Production line layout of the type (U-type, linear, branched)

3. Beat control form (motorized, moving)

4. Assembly varieties (single product or multiple product)

5. Assembly line workstation features (workers can sit, stand, follow the assembly line or with the assembly line to move, etc.)

6. Assembly line length (several or many workers)

Assembly line in the form of

Assembly lines are a special form of product-oriented layout. Assembly line refers to the continuous production line connected by some material handling equipment. An assembly line is a very important technique, arguably, that any finished product with a large variety of components for mass production is manufactured to some degree by the assembly line. Therefore, the layout of the assembly line by the assembly line equipment, products, personnel, logistics and transport and production methods and many other factors. Workbench

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