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Flexible production line

Flexible production line


Flexible production line is a complex technology and highly automated system. It combines microelectronics, computer and system engineering together, and solves the contradiction between high automation and high flexibility in mechanical manufacturing. The specific advantages are as follows.            

1, the utilization of equipment is high: after a group of machine tools are incorporated into the flexible production line, the output of the machine is twice as high as that of the machine tool in the single machine operation.            

2, the WIP is reduced by about 80%.            

3, the production capacity is relatively stable: the automatic processing system is made up of one or more machine tools. When failure occurs, it has the ability of downgrading operation, and the material delivery system also has the ability to bypass the fault machine automatically.            

4, the quality of the product is high: in the process of processing, the parts are loaded and unloaded once, the machining precision is high, and the processing form is stable.            

5, flexible operation: some flexible production line inspection, installation and maintenance work can be completed in the first class, and the second and third classes can be normally produced without being attended to. In the ideal flexible production line, its monitoring system can also deal with unforeseen problems such as tool wear change, logistics blockage and dredging.            

6, product strain capacity: tool, fixture and material transport device is adjustable, and the system layout is reasonable, easy to increase or decrease equipment, to meet the market demand.

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