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Wire rod worktable

Wire rod worktable


The main advantages of the wire rod work table are as follows:           

1. The standard materials (wire rods, joints and accessories) are designed and assembled for special equipment and production system.           

2. It is simple to form, flexible in application, and is not limited by the shape of the parts and space and the size of the site.           

3. The transformation is simple and convenient, and the structure function can be expanded at any time.           

4, maximize the creativity of the field staff and continuously improve the lean production management in the field.           

5, the material can be reused, save the production cost and support the environmental protection.           

6, the surface of the wire rod is covered with plastic layer, and it is not easy to damage the surface of the parts.           

7, improve the production efficiency, improve the overall quality of the staff, and stimulate the potential.                  

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