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Central distribution system AGV

Central distribution system AGV


AGV central control system, AGV monitoring and management groups, monitoring stations mainly by the IPC, AGV control scheduling management system and wireless communications network formed. When the system detects the occurrence of anomalies will sound, light alarm and the screen displays the current abnormal state of the text prompt. Monitoring personnel can be prompted according to the information to rule out system failure.

The central control system has the function of AGV running and tracking, which can display the working status of the system while online AGVs are online in real time through the computer and timely collect the information of production, ingredients and equipment failures, and automatically store the relevant information of production, ingredients and equipment failures In order to query data, access; and production scheduling management computer system left Ethernet interface.

AGV console PC and lower machine AGV wireless communication between the console and AGV constitute a wireless LAN. The console relies on the wireless local area network to issue AGV control commands, task scheduling commands and avoid collision commands. The console can receive the communication signal from AGV at the same time. AGV rely on wireless LAN to report to the console the implementation of various instructions, the current location of AGV, AGV current status.

The monitoring system is responsible for the security and traffic control in AGV operation, ensuring that there is no collision between AGVs in operation and AGV rear-end collision etc. The AGVs entering and exiting the system are managed to ensure the safe operation of the system.

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