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Bar (lean pipe)

Bar (lean pipe)


Bar (also known as plastic pipe, easy tube, lean pipe), is a welded steel pipe with plastic resin coating, in order to prevent the coating and steel pipe separation, between them using a special adhesive bonding. The inner wall of the pipe is a corrosion-resistant coating. The standard bar has a diameter of 28 mm and a wall thickness of 1.0 mm. Bar products are a modular system of fittings and couplings that transform any creative idea into a personalized, realistic structure that is extremely simple and fast to manufacture at a fraction of the cost.

Bar Features:

1, bar flexible system Build simple, convenient and quick

2, Flexible wire bar system flexibility, changeable form, strong flexibility.

3, product environmental safety.

4, improve the working environment, improve work efficiency.

5, Lightweight structure, easy to carry, reuse, cost savings.

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